Dark Elves And Class Reveals For Everquest Next


Sony Online Entertainment has revealed new details on Everquest Next at SOE Live. Development on Everquest Next continues alongside Landmark, with feedback from the community in Landmark fueling development of the full MMO. The Dark Elves were the latest race to be revealed today, showing off gothic-themed architecture and dark landscapes. Alongside the new race, SOE also revealed three new classes: The cleric, the elementalist, and the tempest.

The cleric is a support class, capable of fighting and boosting his allies at the same time. The elementalist is a mage who, expectedly, uses elemental-based magic attacks with the added bonus of being able to damage the terrain easily. The tempest is a speed-based class that bases its attacks on lightning.

SOE has also given some detail on the Rallying Call, the overarching story. Each player will have a book called the Rohsong which tracks personal and server progression. Since the server bases story events off of the results of previous events and other algorithms, the stories of individual servers can go in completely different directions. One event detailed described players finding enough loot in an area to attract brigands in search of wealth. The players were then tasked with fighting back the brigands or risk them making off with the gold.

More SOE news is sure to come.

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