Darkfall Free Weekend Coming

Noted Darkfall eccentric Tasos Flambouras updated the Epic Blog today with a rather short post:

In two weeks, every Darkfall account will be reactivated to participate in a free weekend with accelerated skilling and great loot.

Turn your speculate-o-meters to ten, folks. Is there going to be more news on the elusive Darkfall 2.0? Is Aventurine using this free weekend to attract their past players and gather everyone’s attention to make a big announcement?

I sure hope so. My Google rankings love a good announcement. Stay tuned after the announced announcement of the free weekend’s announcement, and I will bring you the announcement of the date for the free weekend announcement.

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One Response to “Darkfall Free Weekend Coming”

  1. Maja says:

    At the 45 minute mark. You hit a sore spot with me by bningirg up SOE. I was very excited about Planet Side 2 until I found out that SOE is the publisher. Sony has fucked up royally every single MMO that they have ever put out. They totally fucked up the progression server for EQ1 and with the hacking thing was the final straw. Also, I don’t get excited about MMO’s coming out anymore until they are out with a trial or people I know play them. I have yet to find an MMO they didn’t lie and lived up to the expectations when it comes to release date. You guys should check out Killing Floor is a co-op 3rd person shooter. Steam was having major sales and it was one of them. I love buy to play games that have multi-player online capabilities. Maybe, if Sony killed off all their games and just focused on the new Planet Side, maybe. I think that I will wait a while to see how badly SOE fucks this game before I go to play it. Also, a few times I was able to log in with in the last week or so to DHV for Team Speak, no one was on. Gota, love schedule conflicts, hehehehehe. EQ Next is Sony’s last hope, as I see everything of theirs going F2P or just dying as they should. I think that EQ Next won’t see the light of day for at least 2 more years. If it comes out sooner, then it will be rushed. I am also so sick of every fucken MMO company saying “their” game is revolutionary, a game changer. Those have all been lies, just like the politicians, hehehe. Right now I am having a blast with 3rd person shooters until someone can make even a decent MMO. Guild Wars 2 look promising but again not getting my hopes up.

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