Darkfall Introduces PLEX-like D.U.E.L


Aventurine is the latest company to jump on board the PLEX train. In a recent update post, the company revealed D.U.E.L, an item that can be purchased from the in-game shop that extends a player’s subscription by 30 days. The patch notes don’t offer much in terms of details, so we reached out to Aventurine to answer a couple of questions. The D.U.E.L is a physical item that is placed in the player’s inventory. It can be used to add 30 days to an account (extending any existing subscription time), or it can be traded to other players for in-game currency. The D.U.E.L does not drop on death cannot be looted by other players.

Thank you to Tasos Flambouras from Aventurine for providing additional information.

(Source: Darkfall)

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  • Otaku

    EVE copy Cats!

  • A new player can grind between 6 ~ 10 hours to grind refined mats to pay for 30 day sub. The grind will also help them to level up.

    • Ragnarokdel

      You can farm it faster then that, the big issue is you have to switch what you farm in risk of flooding the market with the one mat reducing efficiency.