Darkfall North American Server Hit By DDoS


Indie MMOs, as we know all too well here at MMO Fallout, are dangerously prone to distributed denial of service attacks, often from either disgruntled (and banned) cheaters/griefers or revenge from recently banned gold farmers. Now Darkfall Unholy Wars has a boatload of people from both categories, so the root cause could be any one of the two.

Aventurine has posted a notice on the official blog that there has been a DDoS attack aimed at bringing down the North American server.

In regard to the ping issues on the NA server the past couple of days, this was due to a DDoS attack during NA prime time. We have taken measures in cooperation with our hosting providers to filter this attack, and we’re monitoring the situation. We’ll keep you updated and we apologize for any inconvenience.

The likelihood of the culprit being caught (or even identified at that) is unlikely, given the nature of a denial of service attack.

(Source: Darkfall Epic Blog)

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