Daybreak Continues Shrinking: Cutting Cash Cards


The continued shrinking of Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, continues today with the announcement that the company’s cash cards will no longer be sold in stores this year. According to the post, there are no plans to bring back said cash cards in the foreseeable future.

The details of the plan are a little confusing. The notice was posted today (10/4) noting that retailers should have begun removing them as of September 26th. After November 8th, the cards will no longer activate and thus cannot be purchased even if a retailer leaves them on the shelf (because they need to be activated), but the website also says that as long as a card was purchased “before October 7,” it will still be redeemable.

The option to convert Daybreak Cash into H1Z1 currency will be available until December 31st.

Daybreak’s takeover of Sony Online Entertainment in February 2015 led to deep cuts, including major layoffs and the cancellation of Everquest Next. While not a guarantee, the fact that Daybreak is cutting its physical stock could mean the company is still facing financial woes.

(Source: Daybreak)

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