Daybreak Game Company Promises Support For H1Z1: Just Survive


Ever since Daybreak Game Company split H1Z1 into its two parts, players of the environmentally focused Just Survive have grown pretty frustrated over a perceived lack of support. It wouldn’t surprise many to hear that King of the Kill has been receiving the bulk of DGC’s attention, especially when you consider that the game draws in about ten times the average traffic on Steam. H1Z1’s new General Manager Landon Montgomery has taken to Reddit to let players know that their voices are being heard, and the Just Survive team is working on improvements.

During the short time I have been here, I’ve been able to assess the Just Survive history both internally and externally. And, while I recognize that the past year has been a little frustrating for the loyal crowd, I know that the internal team is excited to push forward and do right by you, the players. It’s one of the reasons I’m here and why we’re actively building up the Just Survive team. We’ve added several key roles and we are excited to introduce these additional team members in the coming weeks.

We wish Landon Montgomery the best of luck in his new position. He’s going to need it.

(Source: Reddit)

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