Daybreak To Transfer Development of H1Z1 PC To NantG Mobile, Be Renamed (Again!)

As part of today’s announcement that Daybreak Game Company has received a notable investment, the H1Z1 team has announced that the PC version of H1Z1 will be transferred over to the team at NantG Mobile lead by Jace Hall, Chairman of Twin Galaxies. As part of this changeover, H1Z1’s PC version will be renamed Z1 Battle Royale at some point in the future.

“Daybreak still maintains and controls design direction and publishing for H1Z1 on other platforms, and therefore it is likely that over time there will start to be significant differences between what Daybreak does with its versions as compared to what we are doing with ours. Having multiple versions, that are significantly different — with the same name is confusing, so eventually we’ll be formally renaming H1Z1 PC. I wanted to clarify this now so that the community isn’t surprised by this later.”
-Jace Hall

Today’s announcement also revealed that mobile versions of H1Z1 and Everquest are in the works.

(Source: H1Z1)

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