DC Universe Can’t Wait To Ditch The PS3


The PlayStation 4 is coming out soon and no one could be happier than the DC Universe Online team at Sony Online Entertainment. Don’t get them wrong, the current generation of Sony’s console hardware is nice enough, but with what is effectively a 220mb system the team is dealing with rather tight constraints. The unfortunate situation is that most of the players on DC Universe are playing via the console, so they are stuck with the limitations for the time being. In an interview with Shacknews, Executive Producer Larry Liberty explained that they can see the PS3 version being retired once a large portion moves over to the new hardware.

“I do expect that eventually, PS4 to come out, and probably be more successful than PS3 was as a platform. It wouldn’t surprise me if we do get a pretty quick migration, but we’ll keep servicing PS3 for a while.”

It will happen at some point, the question is simply when.

(Source: Shacknews)

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