December RuneScape Updates Detailed

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December is upon us, and Jagex has marked the occasion by releasing a list of updates planned for the next few weeks.

First on the list is the Tirannwn Task Set, RuneScape’s answer to achievements, comprising of 54 tasks set in and around the elf lands. The task set rewards players with a farming patch, upgrades for crystal weapons, and various other goodies including an ammo slot item called the Tirannwn Quiver. Following that update, the Dominion Tower is set to receive an update. The boss-mode mini-game will be updated with new bosses, a rumble mode, and new rewards.

Also returning this month is the RuneScape Premiere Club. Only on sale for a limited time, the Premiere Club is a one-year subscription that includes a variety of rewards, from cosmetics to pets, access to VIP worlds, and extra bonuses. Also returning is the festive aura, an item which grants double experience daily for 30 minutes. Over the course of December, there will also be weekend bonuses that vary from week to week.

The Christmas event takes place over four weeks, with players engaging in a different event each week.

(Source: RuneScape)

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