Defiance Unveils Gunslinger Trials DLC

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Trion Worlds revealed Defiance’s next DLC pack: Gunslinger Trials, and if you haven’t finished the campaign or season 1 and don’t want to see any spoilers, skip the next paragraph. Set for release in March on PC, PS3, and Xbox360, Gunslinger Trials will include three new mission lines, nine new cooperative arenas, and will also open up the Thorn Liro arena to groups of players rather than the original solo.

Now on to the story. Gunslinger Trials picks up where the main campaign in Defiance ended, where we learned that Von Bach had survived his fall from the Golden Gate Bridge. The Earth Republic on the other hand continues expanding its terrestrial forces.

These stories are told with eleven new cutscenes and over three hundred new lines of dialog. Ark hunters will uncover a conspiracy to steal EGO implants, the revival of the Biodyne project, and even the rise of a new political power in the Earth Republic.

Players who take part will be rewarded with, what else, new guns to shoot things with, each tailored to the fighting style of its creator. More information to come in the weeks ahead.

(Source: Defiance)

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