Defiance Updates Continues Plague Storyline

Defiance 2013-04-10 21-41-09-94

Defiance will be updated today to continue the plague storyline. A mysterious Irathi disease is quickly spreading, and the Ark Hunters have been tasked with tracking down a cure before it spreads too far. Players will take charge of finding the cure before it reaches the television town of Defiance, where June 17th’s episode will see the area in complete panic and distress over the oncoming storm. The update brings with it 8 new emergencies, a new game mode, 2 new pursuits, a data recorder, and a mission series that will run from June 10th to the 17th.

In the latest crossover event from Trion Worlds and Syfy, beginning on June 3rd, players will be challenged to eradicate the infection that is afflicting San Francisco’s residents and work through all new content to discover a cure in order to send it to the town of Defiance before the outbreak there gets any worse.

As with Defiance’s other television tie-in updates, today’s update is free of charge.

(Source: Defiance press release)

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