Derek Smart Enlists Law Firm, Threatens Lawsuit


If you haven’t been keeping up with the kerfuffle between Derek Smart and Chris Roberts, it goes as follows: Derek Smart has been a very vocal critic of Star Citizen and Chris Roberts, over the fact that the game’s funding has grown to a massive level and over Smart’s belief that the growing scope of the game cannot be realized and will not be released. Cloud Imperium Games responded to Smart’s blog posts by unilaterally refunding his Kickstarter pledge and banning his game account, despite Smart not actually posting his criticism on the Star Citizen website. CIG then accused Smart of using Star Citizen to promote his own game, Line of Defense.

Since then, Derek Smart has been amassing what appears to be a small encyclopedia of evidence against Cloud Imperium Gaming, building up to what may become a class action lawsuit on behalf of backers regretting their purchase who are unable to get a refund through the official channels. This, presumably, in addition to a defamation lawsuit hinted at by Smart regarding public statements made by CIG against Smart when refunding his pledge.

Smart is encouraging people to get in contact not just with the Federal Trade Commission over unrefunded pledges, but to contact him as well. You can read the entirety of Derek Smart’s latest blog post here, but be warned: It’s massive and contains a lot of reference links. Clear out some time in your schedule before you sit down for a look.


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2 Responses to “Derek Smart Enlists Law Firm, Threatens Lawsuit”

  1. CleanInternet says:

    Comments left today on to DS himself who was trolling the forum 🙂


    The difference between your claim of inexorable CR fall and you is that your fall is already a reality. Not a speculation but based on fact of your lastest “game” which is a major failure, somehow the pinacle of a bunch of poorly developed game.Keep speaking as long as you want or comments endlessly on forum rather than patching or releasing promised features. It is your call. You were looking to makeyou a name for those who did not know you yet. You made one, in fact even several. None of them being Savior or Prophet.


    As a 53 years old player I was unfortunate enought to buy
    Battlecruiser in the 90’s. Since that time I followed your path (at a good distance) and your last “game” is definitively a failure both as a play “experience” as well as numbers of downloader vs players. I know by heart that you do not care about players and believe you did your best. You are wrong and people show it by voting with their walet.

    Do show some balls (and talent) by launching a project on Kickstater. I bet you do not even reach 20K$. But you wont of course.

    CR made so far 88M$ by his proved reputation And because he is delivring
    what people ask for. As simple as that. Your unsigned letter is a sign of despair as you pretend to do it to protect “poor backers left unprotected”. What a joke.

    At least based on you history of “success”, the end of this laugable attempt to attrack attention will be memorable. I am counting the days until your countdown of 30 days before… before what by the way?.

    I told you. Memorable.

    Thanks anyway for the distraction while CIG release Sociale Module, in August
    as promised during the Gamescom 2015, followed by FPS then AC2 before
    end of the year.

    By the way, where was your own booth with 2000 enthusiast people + 20.000 Tiwtchers to demonstrate how gorgeous and enjoyable is your last iteration of Battlecruiser 14 and whatever name you give it?

    A player who spent thousands’s $ on games and rigs during the last 20 years and never ever buy again one of yours. Sincerely.

  2. Kalam says:

    That’s all he’s worth is threats. He ceased to be relevant before he ever put out his first game. That’s why he likes to garner attention by attacking others.

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