Design A Costume In Champions Online


Do you have a great idea for a costume? Want to see that costume available in Champions Online for others to enjoy? Cryptic Studios has announced a costume design contest where one winner will see their creation available for purchase within the Champions Online cash shop.

Throughout the next few weeks players can submit their costume design, consisting of a 1) visual component, and 2) a written description. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist, as long as we have something visually to go with, anything will work. Players will post their entries on the forums, and we’ll choose our favorites to feature. Once the submission period ends, we’ll select five finalists and post them for the community to vote on.

The winner will also receive 3000 Zen ($30 value) as well as four copies of the costume to hand out to friends. Five runner-ups will receive a smaller dividend of prizes including Zen and exclusive action figures. The contest runs from today up until April 21st, with the winner announced on April 28th.

(Source: Champions Online)

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