Destiny 2 Costs The Same, Now With Less Content

Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris released this week on consoles and PC, and if anything could test the waning resolve of the Destiny fanbase after the recent revelation of secret experience throttling, it’s the notion that the game, which still costs $60, now offers less content in its base game.

As of this week, prestige raids in Destiny 2 now require a minimum power level of 330 in order to access, a bit of an issue if you’re still on the base game with its level cap of 305. For some players, this move is not surprising. After all, Bungie did the exact same thing when launching The Dark Below for the original Destiny. For others, such as PC players who haven’t had access to the game for two months before getting locked out of content, or for those new to the series, it looks like Bungie is locking away already purchased content behind further walls.

About 11.8% of players have beaten a prestige difficulty raid on Playstation as of this writing. Without the ability to complete a prestige raid, players will be locked out of Destiny 2’s platinum achievement.

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