Did Somebody Say Official Forums? FFXI & FFXIV

Given Square Enix’s history of standard features either being implemented in an unnecessarily complicated manner, or simply not present at all, I can’t say I was surprised that Final Fantasy XIV launched without an official forum. Official forums in the ages of Final Fantasy XI (2002) were not common, although many of the MMOs from around FFXI’s days now carry discussion boards. That being said, when Square announced plans to focus more on talking to the community, and listening to the community, the introduction of official message boards became an¬†inevitability.

I may be a day late on this, but the forums are open! Players of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV can log in with their Square ID, choose a forum username, and start posting. The forums feature sections for Japanese, English, French, and German languages. I’ve been playing around on the boards for a while, and perhaps the best area houses a list of everything that is currently in development for Final Fantasy XIV. Of course, the threads themselves don’t offer a space for discussion, rather players are expected to create discussion threads on other sections of the forums and tag them with the unique [dev post #] from the original thread. Baby steps, Square.

Either way, the forums might be a continuation of what I’ve referred to as Square’s Great Apology, but they are a welcome addition to both MMOs. At least now players will have somewhere to post that isn’t as troll-infested, ala the FFXIV-sub-forums.

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