DigiHom Update: Tons of Games Disappear From Greenlight


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Digital Homicide’s James Romine may be throwing a temper tantrum right now, and for good reason: Close to two dozen of his games have been removed from Steam.

We’ve been covering Digital Homicide filling its Greenlight queue up with spam filler ever since the developer uploaded dozens of titles back in June, a majority of them simple Space Invaders games and clones of one another. Last month I noted that Valve’s Greenlight team seems to be unsure as to whether or not DigiHom’s games qualify for Steam, with the titles being tagged incompatible on and off on a nearly daily basisJames Romine has commented that this is actually due to modifications made to Steam’s API resulting in numerous games being falsely tagged and untagged.

It appears we have our answer. Digital Homicide’s list of Greenlight items now stands at 27 from its high at 50. Of the 27 that remain, four have been greenlit and already released. All of Digital Homicide’s games (19 at the time of this publishing) carry a negative, “mostly negative,” or “very negative,” approval rating.

For continuing updates on the lawsuit against James Stanton (Jim Sterling), stay tuned.

  • 1 Ball 2 Win
  • Assault on Xarturz
  • Barnacle Explorer Sub: Octo Helper
  • Barnacle Explorer Sub: Shark Rescue
  • Daisy Sweet Time Cupcake Mania
  • Daisy Sweet Time Cupcake Mania 2
  • Daisy Sweet Time Cupcake Mania 3
  • Mike the Astronaut: Assault on Thalasian 5
  • Mike the Astronaut: Battle on Arturian Twelve
  • Mike the Astronaut: Zentaru Armada
  • Pete’s Pumpkin Apocalypse
  • Pete’s Pumpkin Apocalypse 2
  • Sarah to the Rescue 2
  • Sarah to the Rescue 3
  • Sarah to the Rescue 4
  • Sarah to the Rescue 5
  • Sinister Spiders 2: Garden Vermin
  • Sinister Spiders 3: Beetle Barrage
  • Star Scream on Orion
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