Dino Storm Hit With DDoS Attacks


Here at MMO Fallout, we have no patience for hackers or script kiddies, especially considering their motivations are more often than not for either craps and giggles or for malicious reasons (identity theft). The folks behind Dino Storm have spent the better part of the last twenty four hours fighting off a distributed denial of service attack coming from an unknown source and aimed at bringing the game servers to their knees. While the attack has been ongoing, defenses have been beefed up and players are slowly getting back into the game.

Update on the game’s status: First, thank you again for your patience. The motives for the denial-of-service attackers remain unclear, but we’ve made great progress (Yeah!) in our defense against them and the vast majority of you WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY NOW. We would like to point out again that no user data was compromised during the attacks.

We hope the best for the Dino Storm team on pushing back against these attacks.

(Source: Dino Storm Facebook)

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