Divergence Online Graphics Settings Are, Well, Smedley


I’ve written quite a bit in the past about how indie developers are indie because they aren’t corporate, and it would be unrealistic in many respects to expect the same level of emotionless professionalism that you might find out of a business with a PR department. Case in point: Divergence Online. Creator Ethan Casner is no stranger to using colorful language in his blog posts, including last week’s ultimatum against Youtubers demanding free keys and calling out reviewers attempting to extort developers by threatening them with bad reviews and refunds.

If you download the Divergence Online client and check the graphics options, you might be surprised by your choices. As you can see in the picture above, they range from the lowest being Smedley (a bit of snark towards Sony Online Entertainment) to the highest being Beyond the Beyond (an RPG for Playstation). In between are crap, good, and retarded. Divergence Online currently holds a ‘mostly positive’ 72% rating on Steam with no mention of the graphics setting titles in the forums, possibly because “bad words” are regarded as small potatoes in a game that allows you to murder and rob each other at will.

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