DOFUS Gets Hit By DDOS Attacks


Why would anyone want to hurt DOFUS? Over the past few years, the internet has seen the use of distributed denial of service attacks come into use more often and under increasingly casual motivations (Applebee’s didn’t microwave my food long enough, better DDOS them). Luckily most big companies are protected well enough that a player could never successfully DDOS, say, World of Warcraft offline. Smaller games, on the other hand, don’t have those same protections. Around this time last year, in fact, Perpetuum Online became the victim of a DDOS attack.

DOFUS website, forums, and game were taken offline yesterday as a result of multiple DDOS attacks on the servers. The company has beefed up security and put protections in place to hopefully prevent another attack in the future.

Yep, we had another DDoS attack early this morning. The server team is working on new protections for this.

The problem with DDOS attacks is that they were engineered so you never know who is behind them, since the attack comes from hundreds to thousands of computers. It could be a bitter ex-customer, a gold farming company exacting its revenge for disrupting its business, or a malicious hacker group attempting to find security holes. DOFUS’ sequel, Wakfu, is set to change hands from Square Enix at the end of the month.

(Source: DOFUS Twitter)

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  1. Dobablo says:

    Blizzard DDOSed themselves when they released Diablo3. Not that I’m calling millions of Battlenet users a zombie botnet…