Download the Kung Fu Tea App, Get Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition Free

Arenanet and Kung Fu Tea might not be as iconic a duo as Bonnie & Clyde or peanut butter and banana, but what their partnership can bring you is a free upgrade to the heroic edition of Guild Wars 2.

For the month of September, you can download the Kung Fu Tea app on your smart device, connect your social media account, and receive a code for the Guild Wars 2 heroic edition. The code will remove many of the restrictions on free to play players, as well as provide you with an 18 slot inventory box, 10 experience boosters, and a unique Guild Wars 2 armor set. If you’d like to go further, and live in the United States, you can enter the daily sweepstakes and have a chance at winning a copy of the deluxe edition.

  1. Download the Kung Fu Tea App
  2. Connect Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter via the App (Social Rewards)
  3. Enter the Guild Wars 2 Daily Sweepstakes (via Social Rewards section)
  4. Post a picture of your Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight (a.k.a. Cocoa Cream Wow) and use #GW2xKFT

(Source: Kung Fu Tea)

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