Dungeon Fighter Online Thieves Sent To The Pokey

DFO 2013-04-06 10-50-27-28

There is an interesting shift in cultures when it comes to video games and police. While I hate to make such a broad sweeping statement, I highly doubt that I would be taken seriously if I went to the police to report that my Dungeon Fighter account had been broken into and the thieves had made off with my virtual goods. In fact, I’d probably be laughed out of the building.

Such is not the case in China, where two gamers are about to find themselves in the slammer for just such an offense. Two men in China’s Sichuan province have been sentenced to jail terms plus fines after they stole six grand from another gamer’s account. Since Chinese prisoners are apparently used for gold farming, odds are these two will be back in Dungeon Fighter Online long before they ever get out of prison.

(Source: Kotaku)

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