Elder Scrolls Online DLC Owners Get Free Vanity Pets


If you purchased the Thieves Guild or Orsinium DLC packs, you have a new vanity pet waiting for you. Orsinium owners will receive an Echalette pet while Thieves Guild will receive a Jackal to follow them around on their adventures. The pets require completion of a very simple achievement, simply walk into the area introduced with either pack in order to obtain the achievement and thus the pack.

We’ll be adding a new achievement for each DLC game pack, which you’ll need to complete to receive your pet. The Orsinium achievement is “A Gift from Orsinium,” and the achievement for Thieves Guild is titled “Spoils of Abah’s Landing.” Don’t worry, all you need to do is enter Orsinium or Abah’s Landing, and the pet will automatically be added to your collection (and it’s account-wide!).

According to the announcement, DLC packs from now on will include a vanity pet of some sort.

(Source: Elder Scrolls Online)

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