ELOA Is Coming Back Under GamenGame


Game & Game is an online game portal dedicated to supporting Korean game enterprises, but all you need to know is that they have acquired the rights to publish ELOA, which was shut down by Webzen just recently. Developer nPic Soft decided to make the switch to Game & Game in order to provide players a more stable and reliable service, as CEO Dennis Choi stated:

“Newly started ELOA will not only open the content from the beginning to Level 50 of EPIC 2 course but also offer different and great experience with newly improved and upgraded system. Especially, update of “Town Domination War” will enable the users of guild collect taxes from each town after they win PvP battle between guilds. This update is adopted to solve the lack of End content which has been pointed out as vulnerable part. It will be started initially on the global version from December, right after ELOA’s official launch on “”.

To celebrate the relaunch, Game & Game is rewarding players based on how many likes the game’s Facebook page receives.

(Source: GamenGame)

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