En Masse Entertainment Handing Out Twitch Prime Goodies

En Masse Entertainment has joined the growing ranks of developers partnering with Twitch Prime to hand out boatloads of goodies to subscribers. Over the next few months, players of all of EME’s games will be able to get their hands on useful in-game items including exclusive Closers costumes.

Each month starting March 22 and running through July 28, you will find new gift packs available. The first gift pack is for Closers and is available from March 22 to April 22. Players will find inside their gift box:

  • Specialty Suit Box I: a Twitch-exclusive half-suit costume bundle (hair, jacket, shoes, sunglasses)
  • Fifteen days of elite status for Closers
  • Gardening Voucher (15-Day)
  • Maid Service Voucher (15-Day)
  • Goodies for other En Masse games: TERA and Early Access to QC Games’ Breach.

Further boxes will include more Closers costumes, more Elite status, and more in-game items.

Source: En Masse Entertainment

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