ESO Players Can Craft XP Potions

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Zenimax Online Studios recently introduced experience boosters to The Elder Scrolls Online in the form of Crown Experience Scrolls. The scrolls cost 1000 crowns for a pack of five, provide 50% bonus to ALL experience gains, do not stack, and last two hours apiece. To appease critics, Zenimax also introduced a new brewing recipe: Psijic Ambrosia. In order to create Psijic Ambrosia, one must first find all seven parts of the recipe, through writs or trading other players.

The recipe calls for three ingredients and can be crafted with rank 4 Recipe Quality as well as rank 6 Recipe Improvement. Each potion lasts 30 minutes and provides the same bonus as the cash shop item, however master crafters can use the recipe to craft four potions each lasting 50 minutes.


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