Eve Online Kill Of The Week: March 15th Edition


I recently proposed the idea of an Eve Online Kill of the Week column as an idea to drive traffic, since the article about the PLEX kill got a fair amount of interest, and people really seem to enjoy these kind of pieces. As I expected and hoped, the interest has a lot less to do with who is getting killed and more with just the sheer amount of money lost. Since Eve’s ISK can be translated into real world dollars, the losses can be understood even by people who don’t play the game.

Last week’s Kill of the Week was Officer Fargo of Common Sense Ltd. As you can see from the data above, the pilot was killed on March 16th in nullsec (lowest security space) while piloting a Titan class Avatar ship worth over 118 billion ISK, or over $2,500 USD when converted into real money. Of the 118 billion ISK, over 8 billion was dropped as salvageable and the rest was destroyed. The Avatar ship itself amounted to 100 billion of the overall total.

According to the Eve Online wiki, the Avatar is the most common Titan class ship in terms of production, usage, and death. The Avatar can be “easily tanked” by a Triage Carrier.

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