Eve Online: Running The $40k for Charity

Back in March, I talked about Eve Online’s PLEX for Good campaign, a long running series of events that has seen a sizable chunk donated to various charities over the past few years. In the latest, CCP had asked players to contract their PLEX to a specific character, who would then convert the PLEX into cash and donate it to the Red Cross.

In the latest CCP blog, the final tally for the charity has been released: $44,607.50 or 2549 PLEX. Since 2004, Eve Online has donated $155,000 to charity, according to CCP. The blog notes the following exceptional players.

  • Viaris has spent over 50 billion ISK on purchasing PLEX in-game and donating it to the drive.
  • Vehrokh’s RL Emergencies Charity was formed by Vaerah Vahrokha, who created her in-game charity foundation to aid players who wish to donate but do not have the means to purchase a full PLEX in-game.
  • EVE Radio deejay DJ Wiggles continues his support for the PLEX for Good program by holding drives during his radio show live on the air.

More on charity results as they appear.

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