Everquest 2 To Merge Servers


Daybreak Game Company has announced that servers for Everquest II will be merged at some point in the near future. In the latest producer letter, Holly Longdale announced that servers will be merged ahead of upcoming cross-server dungeon tech, with more details to follow in the coming months.

We’ll give you specific dates as we get closer. This is very challenging work that will branch off from our Cross-Server Dungeon work. Luckily, what we plan to do for true Cross-Server Dungeons & Battlegrounds logically helps us merge characters to new servers. We’ve already had our incredible coders working on the foundation of cross-server processes for a few months already. Our database changes earlier this year were the first step.

Everquest 2 players can also look forward to time-locked progression servers.

(Source: Everquest 2)

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