Everquest/Everquest II Becoming Even More Free


Good news, Everquest gamers! You are probably well aware by now that Sony Online Entertainment has announced some pretty big changes to the free/silver membership tiers, particularly with the opening of all classes and races to free/silver tiers. Dave Georgeson has posted a list of updates coming mid-next week, which you can see in this article, that will open features of the game without requiring a subscription or Station cash payments.

  • We are opening up ALL CLASSES.*
  • We are opening up ALL RACES. **
  • All bag slots are unlocked.
  • All players can now use the shared bank slots.
  • The quest journal restrictions are lifted entirely. Quest away!
  • Additionally, EverQuest is allowing all players to send delivery parcels! (This change is for a game-specific change in EQ, so it doesn’t happen in EQII.)
  • * “All free classes” exception for EQII only: Beastlord is still only accessible via the “Age of Discovery” expansion pack.
    ** “All free races” exception for EQII only: The Freeblood race is still an SC-only marketplace option.

Georgeson notes that Sony is still committed to membership having perks that are entirely unavailable to free/silver players.

(Source: Everquest)
(Source: Everquest II)

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