Failure of Direct: Fidget Spinner Simulator

Valve’s dream for Steam is to have any open platform where virtually anyone can get in and sell their wares, and if you’d like a glimpse of the future under this branding than look no further than Fidget Spinner Simulator, an asset flip developed and pushed onto Steam by a hack Russian developer known for pushing mediocre asset flips under the name bcInteractive. Now operating under the user berdyev, fidget spinner simulator is available for 79 cents.

It doesn’t have trading cards, because Valve smartly updated their systems to prevent parasites like Berdyev from profiting even further off of games that would hardly pass muster at For more information on Berdyev, feel free to reference this video by SidAlpha:

But not content with merely being a terrible game, Berdyev dedicates two achievements to mocking autistic people because that’s what twelve year old internet edgelords do these days, and who doesn’t love a good maymay?

With Valve’s new system, the best that we can hope for is that Fidget Spinner Simulator will never be approved for trading cards, making the game utterly useless for the Russian trading card farming market, and that the Steam algorithm will ensure that Berdyev’s titles are buried with the rest of the trash, never to be seen by the average user unless specifically searched for.

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