FFXIV: Trial Characters Eventually Expire


Free trials have finally come to Final Fantasy XIV, which means more people running around the world of Eorzea. One question that always pops up is how to deal with the army of dead characters that will be created and then never returned to. Square Enix has apparently thought of this problem and come up with a solution. Accounts must be upgraded to the full version within 90 days, or else it appears that the character may be lost.

 In order to keep playing with the same in-game and character data in the full version, players must upgrade to the full version of the game within 90 days after the Free Trial expires.

There are similar setbacks which appear to be aimed at slowing down gil farmers. Free accounts cannot trade, nor can they use the market board, retainers, free companies, moogle delivery service, nor can they use /tell, /yell, and /shout chat commands, and are restricted from creating parties or linkshells. Additionally, it looks like accounts are tied to the client, which will not install if there is a copy of FFXIV or the trial version on the computer. A gil spammer would, theoretically, be forced to uninstall and reinstall the game every time they were banned.

(Source: FFXIV)

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  1. Cool! I might be inclined to try this out now. Thanks for posting about it! 😀