Firefall Is Sick of Trolls, Will Be Kicking Them Out

I’ve talked about the fine line between trolling and constructive criticism, one that generally doesn’t seem to be understood by trolls. And while MMO developers aren’t fans of trolling, they are also generally reluctant to expel their (often paying) customers for throwing up a fuss either in the game or on the forums. Firefall developer Red 5 is not one of those developers. In a post on the forums, CEO Mark Kern posted a stern warning: Continue trolling, and you’re out.

So, I have to say for the first time that I’m disappointed in some of the community. The amount of threads here saying that e-sports is all we care about, despite all the information we’ve posted about PvE being our focus is disheartening to those of us working hard to make PvE awesome.

More so, the amount of shortsightedness and selfish trolling and self-important pontification I see from armchair game analysts is stunning. We’re not done with the game yet. We are showing you our early builds, warts and all, so you can share in shaping the game. We welcome your feedback, but not your Chicken Little “sky is falling” ranting from those whose imaginations are not capable of looking further than the nose in front of their face and who ignore everything we say and do and have done in the game for you.

We do listen to you guys, more than any other game company on the planet, and we have proof because we show you builds so early, that they are incomplete… so you can help us fill in the blanks. But instead of embracing the concept, a vocal minority of you have taken up arms in the forums, with pitchforks and a sense of selfish self-entitlement I have never even imagined possible.

If you intended to frustrate me, you have. From now on, we’re going to start moderating the negativity on these forums for the sake of healthier discussions.

Personally I remember a time where alphas and betas were a privilege to join. Granted, this was a long time ago. But when I play MMOs in their alpha/beta stage, I see and abundance of whining over features not being complete, the presence of bugs, or features not being completely worked out. And that in itself isn’t the problem, as negative feedback is how a game develops into a higher quality product. But the people who Kern is talking about are more along the lines of:

“This feature isn’t complete, wow this game sucks why do I even bother playing, this company is going to go bankrupt and the game will fail because the devs are all incompetent idiots.”

But it would behoove Mark Kern to take this new proclamation seriously. Quite often demands to remove trolls turn into a hard culling of any negative feedback from the community, and that often leads to far more than just the undesirable folk leaving, either of their own frustration or through overreaching policies. And a game like Firefall can’t afford to turn its community away before it even launches.

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