Funcom Ends Major Updates For Anarchy Online/Age of Conan

In their latest quarterly report, Funcom has announced that there is no further significant work expected for both Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. Both games are presumably still profitable as they contributed a heavy portion of Funcom’s revenue this past quarter, however as far as development costs go it looks like the writing is on the wall for both titles to enter maintenance mode. The report doesn’t go into detail on what Funcom considers to be “significant work,” which may relegate both titles to bug fixes, server maintenance, and perhaps small chunks of content.

For gamers, the concept of depreciation is well known when it comes to live games and support from developers. It makes sense, as games age and with a few exceptions, they inevitably decrease in population, and thus revenue stream, and thus the ability to support themselves. Funcom has been referencing this for years in their quarterly reports, and it only seems inevitable that older titles like Anarchy Online (a 2001 release) will hit a point where simple cost of operations is higher than its income.

(Source: Funcom)

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