Funcom Unveils Information Regarding The Secret World Transfers

Funcom is finally ready to hand over the details on Secret World Legends, namely the process by which you will transfer your character over. Starting Friday, June 23, you’ll be able to log into your account on the Secret World Legends website and transfer your account over. The transfer will only be available until an undetermined time in August and can only be performed once, so make it count!

For a limited time (until some time in August 2017), you can initiate a ONE-TIME copy of your current TSW clothing items and membership over to your Secret World Legends account.  Activating this also unlocks all of your weapon pages in Secret World Legends! Once you log into your Secret World Legends account page, click the TSW Legacy Transfer button to begin the process. That’s it! You get to choose exactly when your items and membership gets copied, but again, this is only available until some time in August.

Most clothing items barring faction rank gear will transfer over, as will pets. Achievement rewards will cross over but the achievements will not.

(Source: Secret World Legends)

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