Game Software/Hardware To Hit $165 Billion In 2018

It’s no surprise that the gaming industry brings in quite a bit of moolah each year, a number that has been increasing for years and doesn’t show much of a sign of slowing down. Analyst Digi-Capital today released a prediction that video game hardware/software could reach $165+ billion in sales and go as high as $235 billion by 2022 if it stays on course. By comparison, according to the firm, this kind of revenue will make the gaming industry bigger in the next five years than the GDP of 150 countries.

You can read the whole report at the link below. The gaming industry has also been fueled by record investment, over $2 billion in 2017 and growing.

(Source: Digi-Capital)

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  1. Given the date I suspect that headline shouldn’t be in the past tense.