Games To Watch Out For In 2012

2011 was more a year of free to play conversions than new games releasing, but 2012 is looking to be quite an interesting year. Jagex is set to release their second MMO, TERA may finally come to the west, and Star Trek Online heads free to play in January.

Planetside 2 is the first big budget MMO to take the reigns of Planetside since, well, Planetside. While Hi-Rez studios works on the well anticipated Tribes Universe, Sony Online Entertainment this year will (hopefully) roll out the renovated, upgraded, and more efficient massive action shooter. Sony is promising even bigger battles, and has been showing off concept art and trailers left and right. In addition to satisfying Planetside fans, Planetside 2 also has something to offer us more traditional MMO gamers, the Forge Light engine. Sony is using the Forge Light engine to build Everquest Next, so Everquest fans will have a little piece of what they can expect when that MMO hits store shelves at some point in the distant future.

I thought I would be celebrating this with Stellar Dawn, but ever since Geoff Iddison announced back in 2009 that MechScape would be ready that year, I’ve been sitting patiently with my flags and goofy hat with the soda cans and straws hanging out for Jagex to finally come out and have two MMOs running at the same time. If anything else, I’m just interested if they can pull off supporting two MMOs at the same time. After all, their second major project, FunOrb, was more or less abandoned after two years when Jagex got tired with their new toy.

So Transformers is really getting my attention, especially since Jagex also has Stellar Dawn in development (which was supposed to release in 2011), making for three MMOs they will have running concurrently. As for Stellar Dawn, like I’ve said before, maybe they just lost interest after the high-cost cancellation of MechScape.

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