Gaming For Good Raising $20 Million For Charity


While other gaming websites are busy declaring the death of the gamer, they’ve managed to ignore Gaming For Good, a charity platform that brings gamers togethers and rewards donations with video games. The way the system works is that you donate to get points, and those points can be spent on game keys. Gaming for Good doesn’t see a single cent of the donations, and neither do the game developers: the keys are all donated, and there are some triple-a titles on that list.

At the time that this article is published, Gaming for Good has raised $19.8 million of the $20 million goal, and that is in less than three days. The charity event ends on the 19th, so if you have some extra clams, it’d be nice if you could throw some their way. Even if you don’t want any games.

Save the Children is working to reduce the number of malnutrition-related deaths among children under five and women in Ethiopia. ENGINE is the main preventive integrated nutrition project that contributes to this Save the Children impact on the life of Ethiopian Children.

(Source: Gaming For Good)

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