Garry’s Mod: When Your Community Is So Atrocious…

Back when I first started talking about alternatives to Lego Universe, a few people came up and recommended Garry’s Mod, a modification for Valve’s Source Engine which allows players to play a very wide variety of games from shooters to role playing to building and everything in between. Without hesitation, I said no. Absolutely not, I would not subject my greatest enemy to the blight that is the active Garry’s Mod roleplaying or building community.

AusFrag, an Australian web host, has announced that they will no longer be hosting Garry’s Mod servers due to the massive number of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) associated with the game.

AusFrag is no longer supporting Garry’s Mod due to network abuse. We have been slapped with a massive bandwidth bill that could potentially close our doors if we continue to host this game. We have found Garry’s Mod servers are targeted almost daily in DDoS attacks which we do have protection to an extent but we are still billed for domestic packets the scrubber doesn’t filter.

From my time in the Garry’s Mod community, the DDoS attacks come for a variety of ridiculous and immature reasons: Jealousy from one server owner to another, servers are regularly attacked for running anti-cheat scripts or by banned griefers, and even Garry’s websites are attacked on a regular basis by cheat makers and their community, some of whom create and sell the very DDoS tools that the banned cheaters use.

Now, obviously DDoS attacks occur on other games, but this is the first time that I have personally seen a host drop support for a game entirely due to how widespread and common the issue was. It is a shame because Garry’s Mod still have amazingly talented people working on modifications and special servers, unfortunately the band of cheaters, pre-teen children and their DDoS scripts are ruining the experience for everyone.

I used to enjoy Garry’s Mod for the roleplaying servers, but stopped as each one fell one-by-one to DDoS attacks from “competing” (in the words of the other server owners) roleplay servers. Eventually I just didn’t have any time to find a good server and stopped playing altogether.

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