Get Free Zen By Using The Arc Client


Arc is Perfect World Entertainment’s answer to Steam, given that it houses their library in an easy to use package and also acts as a conduit through which money flows and goods are redeemed. With Arc 3.0, the next major update to the client, PWE is looking to change the way you log in and perhaps get their players to try some games that they might otherwise look the other way on.

MMO gamers will be no strangers to the concept of daily quests, an idea that is being thrust into the client in its next update. Daily quests will require the player to do things like log into a game, log in for a number of consecutive days, or play a certain game on two separate days. Completing quests gives experience which in turn gains levels, and in turn can be redeemed for free cash shop currency for PWE’s titles.

Completing quests will give you experience points to level up your Arc Quests level. Each level requires 600 XP and will reward you with 500 Arc Points that can be transitioned into ZEN or other in-game currencies available for games on the Arc platform. There is no level cap to your Arc profile, so you will continue to receive rewards as you complete your quests. These points will be redeemable via the Charge tab on the Arc website and client.

It’s an interesting concept, for sure. Cryptic Studios used to give away stuff for free on the Raptr client, so this may just be an extension of that campaign.

(Source: Arc)

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