Good Reads: 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Video Games

Good Reads is a new column I’ve been thinking about starting for a while now to bring attention to some other pieces I’ve found on the web that I think are worth my audience’s attention. This week’s bit was sent to me by a reader and is a list of how gaming can actually promote healthy habits. Naturally this isn’t the case for everyone, but I do have to agree on the points of creativity, stress management, and multi-tasking, among other points.

Let’s first consider the benefit of taking our mind off things. We become so engrossed in the games that we forget about the reasons for the stress. If you struggle on a night with stress and poor sleep, you could find that a bit of video gaming helps. It will help you unwind from a long day, and you focus purely on the missions in front of you.

The title sounds pretty clickbaity, but it is an interesting read. As someone who has had some bad issues with stress management in the past, I can personally relate to a few of the points on this list.

Link: Positive Health Wellness

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