Grab TERA For $10 On Amazon (50% Off)


TERA goes free to play on February 5th, and you can still pick up a copy of the game on Amazon for $10. Why buy a copy of a game that will be free to play by this time tomorrow? If you haven’t been paying attention (and if you have to ask, you haven’t), TERA’s free to play model segregates players into free, subscriber, and founder. Founder status players are those who have a serial code attached to their account, through purchasing a boxed or digital copy of the game. As I pointed out, founder status players have a number of advantages granted to them that a new account will never have access to, even if they subscribe, including a monumentally increased bank storage.

Now here’s the catch: Starting February 5th (tomorrow), En Masse Entertainment will be discontinuing the sale of digital copies of TERA, making founder’s status impossible to obtain unless you happen to come across one of the remaining out-of-print box copies. So if you’re going to be playing TERA, you live in the United States (important), and don’t mind dropping $10, having founder status is ultimately a better deal than running with a standard free account.

And founder status is just an alternative to the free account. You don’t pay a subscription to keep it.

(Source: Amazon)

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