Guardians of Ember Returns Under Gameforge

Guardians of Ember is a title so popular, I’d be willing to bet that every person reading this article hasn’t quite gotten over its untimely removal from Steam following publisher Insel Games being caught attempting to manipulate review scores. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the population of Guardians of Ember hasn’t been doing so well after its removal from Steam, or that Insel Games is no longer in charge of publishing it. Like a phoenix, Guardians of Ember hopes to rise from the ashes and presumably save Harry Potter’s life at the end of Chamber of Secrets.

What does this mean? First, Guardians of Ember is back in closed beta, and that the game will become free to play as opposed to its plan of being buy to play under the previous regime.

Those of you who bought Guardians of Ember under Insel Games will immediately have access to it under Gameforge. Whether Valve will allow the game back on Steam following this publisher transfer is yet to be seen.

Source: Steam

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