[Guest] Do You Think Gaming Addiction Is An Issue?

When was the last time you found yourself frustrated while gaming late night, because you couldn’t finish a level?

If you often find yourself in such situations, You could be addicted to video games.

Video Game dependency” is a term that has been coined in the recent times by psychologists and media outlets. As the name suggests, it refers to a state wherein a person considers video games as an essential life process that needs to be carried out irrespective of the surroundings.

It is what thrives the gaming industry. Most games nowadays implement behavioral psychology to create a fake feeling of engagement, so they spend more time playing the game. It’s like a virtual skinner box designed to trap anyone who tries the game.

Let’s take a look at some of the common ways it’s implemented these days.

1. Undefined Endings

Have you ever played God Of War or any story based game?

It’s very likely that you completed the whole game just to get the fullest out of it. But what if the story had no end?

That is what most online multiplayer games like fortnite bring these days, This kind of games have proven to keep players interacted for longer.

There is no doubt they have completely revolutionized the way we look at games and even motivated the concept of eSports, but these games are highly addictive.

2. Feeding the needs!

When it comes to survival, humans depend on 3 things, One of them is interaction with another being. Most games these days allow you to socialize with other players, Filling this need has proven to be an excellent way to prevent people from realizing the extraordinary amount of time they are putting into those games.

This kind of interaction promotes the behaviour as completely normal since most of the people you interact with have a very similar lifestyle.

3. Continuously telling, how great you are!

Victory is the absolute feeling that us humans live for. The feeling of achievement leads to high levels of dopamine in our brains.

Whenever we accomplish a task, Our brain tags it as a victory. This kind of a biological system acts as a great motivation to keep working hard, but the exact implementation in the virtual world can prove to be very problematic.

Most games would tell you how awesome you are; This is enough to trigger the dopamine releases in your brain and doing this for a while can even tag the task as one of the essential life processes that ought to be repeated.

This is not even the worst part. Once used the amount of dopamine gained while playing games, It will make everything seem irrelevant and annoying, Forcing even more time with video games.

There are countless other ways that take advantage of human behaviour. Here is an infographic which explains the topic in great detail.

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