Harry Potter MMO Already Dead


Well this is a bit awkward. Not even a week after the announcement that a Harry Potter MMO was in development, we learned that said MMO has been put on hold indefinitely. As it turns out, the folks at Bio-Hazard Entertainment may have exaggerated their claim that Warner Bros had allowed to them to create a Harry Potter MMO up to beta, which is to say that they didn’t. At all. Presumably one of WB’s lawyer’s got in touch because the Online World of Harry Potter’s website has disappeared following a notice that the team will work on creating an MMO not based on the IP.

The team is discussing using what they have made and making their own MMO based off of what you guys have suggested, except not HP related. But lets all unite together and show WB that this is needed! WIZARDS UNITE!

On the plus side, you were just saved a few years of waiting for nothing. On the other hand, many of us also got excited for nothing.

(Source: Massively)

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