Harry Potter MMO Is Go…Until Beta, At Least


How many times have you found yourself wondering why no one stepped up to create a Harry Potter MMO? If you’re anything like us, the answer is a lot. Even though it has been nearly six years since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, the franchise is still going strong with loyal followers based all over the world and in just about every language. With much of the world still left to discover, Harry Potter seems a perfect candidate for an MMO.

Ask and you shall receive, well sort of. The website for Harry Potter Online has launched and, while the game is technically announced, there is a bit of an important “but” to the equation. You see, the Harry Potter MMO is not yet fully approved for full development, and Warner Bros. wants to see a working beta before they decide to fully fund the project. Once the game reaches beta, Warner Bros will decide if the game is worth completing.

Check out the website at the link below.

(Source: Harry Potter Online)

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