Heir of Light Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Mobile game developer Com2Us is celebrating the first anniversary of mobile game Heir of Light. In celebration of its birthday, Heir of Light is holding an anniversary event crossover with another Com2Us game: Summoners War. The update includes two Summoners War characters, Valkyrie and Archangel.

The collaboration also includes:

  • 20×20 World Battle – This new game mode allows players to form five teams and battle against five other random teams. Players’ ranks are based on results of each battle and the number of defeated servants.

  • Potential Ability – A new feature that can power up servants in this new update. There are two types of Potential Ability available within this update: Normal and Special. 4-5? Servants can obtain Normal Potential Ability and only 5? Tank Servants can obtain Special Potential Ability.

  • 5? Servant Select Summon Stone – These Summon Stones will act as gifts for players who sign into the game during the event period

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