Heroes & Generals Will Still Ban You If Your Cat Cheats

Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto has zero tolerance for cheaters, even if your cat is the one (allegedly) installing the nefarious programs. While cheaters are regularly banned in waves, the folks at Reto-Moto want anyone thinking of giving themselves an advantage to “try it out” should know that there is a zero tolerance policy in place. Cheat once, you’re gone for good.

  • Anyone who is found to have, at any point in time, used any kind of third-party software designed to cheat while playing Heroes & Generals will lose their accounts once the cheat has been confirmed.
  • Do not “try out” a cheat, not even once: You will be permanently banned on all accounts. Neither the legitimate players, nor we, care that you were only “trying it out”.
  • Do not expect to get away with excuses like “my brother / son / cat used my account”. You are responsible for any abuse perpetrated by anyone with whom you share your login credentials (which is also prohibited by the terms of service).
  • Confirmed cheaters who bought Gold will not be entitled to any kind of compensation whatsoever.

(Source: Heroes & Generals)

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