How RuneScape Is Slowly Rolling Back Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is one of the more divisive aspects of present day RuneScape 3, it serves as both an interesting feature of the game as well as a perfect example of how disgustingly greedy Jagex can be when they feel like being disgusting and greedy. Case in point, the elite skill equipment. Rolled out over the past couple of years, the elite skill outfits not only offered substantial bonuses to players who collected the four-piece outfits, they were mostly available for a very limited time. We’re talking three days to collect three sets of four piece suits tied to random lockboxes.

Players were understandably angry, since the promotions were rather blatant attempts at fishing in whales as the event would require substantial sums of money over a short period of time in order to potentially never gain all twelve pieces. As part of an initiative launched last October to balance revenue with long term game health, Jagex still plans on releasing said skilling outfits via Treasure Hunter. After a period of exclusivity they will be obtainable in-game as a high level reward.

Once you meet the 70 Mining or Runecrafting requirement, you’ll be able to collect fragments of the rune ethereal and gemstone golem outfits while training the corresponding skill through any regular method. Success chance increases with your skill level, and fragments will be automatically stored in your currency pouch.

In addition, many of the skilling outfits have been made fully available on Treasure Hunter itself, so there is still the chance of obtaining them through daily key stipends while you’re grinding out the materials. The good news is that Jagex seems to be placing less emphasis on making game-altering equipment exclusive to Treasure Hunter, which is sure to be a relief to players tired of being asked to pull out their wallets every few weeks.

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