How To Get Into The Neverwinter Beta Free


I know what you’re thinking: Omali, I want to play the Neverwinter beta, but I don’t want to buy some ridiculous copy of PC Gamer magazine just to take part in the beta. Well good news, you can accomplish both. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Head over to
  2. Click on Magazines and find PC Gamer
  3. Opt to subscribe with the 14 day free trial. You will not be charged.
  4. Go to
  5. Follow the instructions using the same billing information you provided to Google.
  6. You may have to answer a question related to the issue. The magazine can be viewed on your desktop.
  7. Get your key and use it at
  8. Cancel your trial subscription to PC Gamer. You won’t be charged.

This way everyone is happy. You got your hands on a free copy of PC Gamer and a beta key for Neverwinter, and a free horse mount to top it off. Meanwhile PC Gamer gets the satisfaction of bringing joy to someone’s heart, even if they are doing it for free. Granted this means nothing if you already subscribe to PC Gamer.

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  • Step 9) Wait for beta to start.

    They’ve been giving away beta keys for a long time now. Looks like the only thing working there is the marketing department.

  • Bioritmus

    Hi,How can I unsubscribe ?

    • Bioritmus

      I used GooglePlay,but i don’t know ,how to unsubscribe!
      Somebody answer pls !

      • Omali


        If you head over to, then click on “My Magazines,” click on PC Gamer, you should see on the left side-menu the button for “unsubscribe.”


        • Bioritmus

          Hi,at “My-Magazines no have the Pc Gamer (o.O).
          I don’t use the same e-mail address az
          It is a big problem ?
          I hope u can help me.

          • Omali

            Log in with whatever email account you subscribed to the magazine with.

  • well i`m not from UK or USA and i cant get pc gamer subscribe can i use proxy to subscribe ?