How To: Preorder Darkfall Unholy Wars As An Existing Account Holder


Here at MMO Fallout, I have a basic rule of thumb: If I have a problem with something, odds are so are other people. I tweeted a few days ago that my Darkfall account suddenly doesn’t exist, and haven’t had any luck recovering my old account to pre-order Unholy Wars for the discount. If you have tried to log in with a Darkfall 1.0 account only to be met with an error stating that your account doesn’t exist, this article is for you. Someone on the forums pointed out for me that it is impossible to log in with Darkfall 1.0 accounts, as Aventurine deleted them when the servers came down. The information is still floating around on the account servers, however, and that is the important part.

Linking your accounts is incredibly easy. All you have to do is register a new account on the Unholy Wars website and there will be an option to link your account with a Darkfall 1.0 account. Once you link accounts, you’ll see the pre-order price for Unholy Wars drop down to $15.

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